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Vidal’s the real deal. He has the heart and passion for what he does and a humility that is only surpassed by his innate quality to uplift and share the best of other people.

Faydra Koeing, MA

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What People Are Saying about Vidal Cisneros Jr.

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    Marla McKenna

    Published author of the children's books, "Mom's Big Catch" and "Sadie's Big Steal"

    "Vidal's spirit is authentic and the work he does to help and inspire others is genuine. In a world of unknowns, Vidal is a constant source of strength and hope.  He offers a knowing of better days to come. He is a mentor and positive role model for all those who meet him. I am honored to call him my friend." 

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    Gavin Cornelius

    Co-Founder Of The Young Entrepreneurs Society International 

    Vidal has blown me away with his knowledge in online business and leadership development, but ultimately what I've been most impressed with is his ability to inspire others to chase their dreams and reach peak performance. There are lots of guru's out there selling coaching and products to just make a buck, Not Vidal! He is about transforming lives and enhancing minds and does it in a unique way with the utmost integrity. I highly recommend working with Vidal!

  • Lucas Robak

    Melody of Life Foundation, Inc. Executive Director

    Vidal is a very motivated, determined, and knowledgable individual. Being a part of a mastermind group him leads, I know Vidal is going to make huge waves in this world. I attended his book signing for his story in Chicken Soup for the Soul, heard him speak and read his story. If you haven't heard him speak or read his work, you're missing out on something that will transform your life in some way.

About The Author

Vidal Cisneros Jr. has pereservered beyond his traumas and setbacks and thrived to become a dynamic speaker, author and coach who challenges audiences and clients, to thrive beyond, with the power of gratitude. 

Vidal has overcome betrayal, divorce, alcoholism, being plastered all local media in a hide speed chase and was incarcerated, Through it all he leaned on his faith, his support system and a belief to inspire others when the odds seem impossible.

Vidal enjoys giving back to the community and donates his time to feeding the homeless and mentoring youth. He's been through his divine storm and crisis but has made his biggest comeback of all, by empowering lives to thrive beyond.

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